Welcome to my blog. It has been a long time since I have been thinking to open a blog. But I was confused about two things:
1. What would be my blog about? As I love cooking, eating and travelling, I was confused that whether I should start a food blog or a travel blog. Then, I thought, why not make these two together. and here it is...
2. What will be my blog name? As I said I love to cook and travel,  so it was quite difficult for me to choose a name which would describe both. But finally I found it and here's presenting FOODROVER.

So, let me now introduce myself. I am Manikuntala. A traveler at heart and a great foodie with photography as a passion. The love for travelling may be is in my genes as my parents love to travel a lot. From the age of three, I started travelling to various places and as I grew up I got to know how much I love to travel. Basically, my dream is to travel all over the world.
And about being a foodie, what more can I tell.  I love food, as well as, I love cooking. I am not a chef. Neither am I a pro at cooking. I am just a mere beginner. I try to cook and sometimes, some things turn out to be really good. I am not one of those popular girls in college or the hot chics, but yet people know me..
When they meet, they have just one question, "Mani, when are you giving us a treat?" There is a reason for this question. I upload all the photos my dishes on Facebook, and they have a conception that those are tasty. Yes, Some of them indeed are.. But I don't mind saying that some of them taste really bad..
I was not into cooking that much until 2012. But then it started when I tried to make different types of recipes for my sister's lunch box. My sister is a great foodie just like me, and my happiness is in pleasing her. And from then, as it started, it never stopped. My love for cooking kept on increasing. From a normal trial, it became a hobby and now a passion.
In this blog, I would like to share a few recipes which I have tried at home as well as share the travelogues written by me.

Lots of love,

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