Chocolate is an ingredient which is loved by many people. Ganache is derived from the French meaning of the word jowl. It is used for icing, filling, glazing or as a sauce for various desserts. It is made with heavy cream and chocolate. Making a Ganache is a simple thing as it's just about chocolate and cream. But before making it, you need to get an idea of the proportions and temperature required to make it.

If you use the Ganache for filling within the layers or just use it as a glaze over the cakes, then you need to take chocolate and cream in equal proportions. For making chocolate truffles, you need to take two parts chocolate and one part cream. for making soft icing, you need one part chocolate and two parts of cream. You must take care take the heat of the gas is just enough to heat the cream. The cream does not need to be boiled.

So let us take a sneak peak of what is required to make chocolate ganache and how to make it.

What you need?

  • Chocolate( chopped)
  • Heavy cream 
  • Butter (optional) 

How to make it?

  • Measure the amount of chocolate. Take cream keeping in mind the amount of proportions which depends on what you will use it for. 
  • Heat the cream. Add the chopped chocolate and stir well.
  • After it becomes a thick paste, cool the Ganache.
  • You may use butter, if you want, in order to give it a shiny texture. 
Now it is complete. You can use this in variety of desserts. It tastes awesome. 

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