With the new year, a lot of resolutions come up. The first time when I saw this list on a blog, I wished to do it ASAP. This is the first thing I wanted to do in this new year, and finally by the 10th day of the month, I could complete my list.

What exactly is Day Zero Project?

Well, Day Zero is an online community for people like us, who love creating lists, setting various challenges and working towards a positive change in life. This idea was the brainchild of New Zealander Michael Green. The challenge is about completing 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 

Sounds fun, right? Oh yes! And if I can manage to strike off all the goals from the list, I am sure to become a much better person and evolve as a much more confident girl in future. 

Start Date: 10th January, 2016

End Date: 7th October, 2018

Okay, so the end date is just the day prior to my 22nd Birthday!! Hope I'll be able to complete all the goals from this list!
Best of luck to me!


1. Complete Graduation
2. Get enrolled in a Post Graduate Degree
3. Intern with a media house  (The Telegraph You)
4. Get a full time job
6. Get a Press Card

7. Get a new blog design
8. Post everyday for a month on my blog
9. Reach 2.5k followers on my Instagram Account (1760/2500)
10. Reach 2.5k followers on my Facebook Page (581/2500)
11. Reach 1.5k followers on my Twitter Account (284/1500)
12. Attend a blogger's meet
13. Create a collaborative series with a fellow blogger
14. Be featured on another blog
15. Update 250 recipes on my blog

16. Make a fondant cake
17. Learn 10 traditional dishes from my grandmother
18. Learn to cook Lasagna
20. Cook some dish from a different country every month for a year
21. Cook a different breakfast everyday for a week
22. Learn to make 10 different soups
23. Make a dish from each state of India
24. Try 20 dishes I haven't tasted before
25. Visit Paranthe Wali Gali in Delhi
26. No eating out for 15 days
27. Make a cheesecake
28. Cook a three course meal for family
29. Enter a cooking contest 
31. A-Z travel challenge (Travel to places or cities, starting with the initials of A-Z)
32. Update my travel scrapbook 
33. Travel Solo
34. Go Camping
35. Go on a short trek 
36. Attend a concert 
37. Go on a road trip
38. Do any one adventure sport
39. Visit Ladakh or Himachal Pradesh
40. Go on an international trip
41. Visit Mumbai once
42. Travel with friends   (Kodaikanal)
43. Try Rock Climbing 
44. Attend a festival
45. Build a sandcastle 
46. Try either paragliding or parasailing 
47. Do river rafting at least once
48. Visit one of the Hard Rock Cafes
49. Experience Marine life again 
50. Try out horseback riding 
51. Go for an unplanned trip
52. Capture Sunrise and Sunset on a beach

53. Watch IMDB top 100 movies
54. Watch 30 animated movies 
55. A-Z movie challenge
56. Watch all the movies by Satyajit Ray
57. Watch two back to back movies at a theater
58. Attend a film festival 
59. Watch the Godfather Trilogy
60. Watch the top 100 Bollywood movies
61. Complete watching 5 TV series
62. Watch 10 documentary films

63. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days get over
64. Jump on a trampoline 
65. Learn to juggle three balls 
66. Say yes to everything for a whole day
67. Learn a magic trick 
68. Put Rs.50 into my savings for every goal I achieve (3/101)
69. Attend a fashion show
70. Attend Chinese New Year in Kolkata 
71. Try out 5 DIY crafts from Pinterest 
72. Go on a blind date
73. Learn to fly a kite

74. Donate blood
75. Donate for charity 
76. Be a part of a social work 
77. Volunteer
78. Run for charity 
79. Learn Basic French 
80. Get a makeover
81. Get highlights done on hair
82. Get a tattoo 
83. Reach my goal weight 
84. No Facebook for a week 
85. No fast food for a month 
86. Read 20 books (at least)
87. Reside in a new city
88. Learn to ride a bike 
89. Get the LASIK treatment done for my eyes 
90. Create a list of 101 inspirational quotes 
91. Stop biting nails. 
92. Do 50 push-ups at a go. 
93. Interview an author
94. Interview an International sportsperson
96. Take a photograph of each letter of the alphabet 
97. Post a photo everyday for a month on instagram
98. Buy my own pair of boots
99. Write a research paper
100. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone 
101. Make another to do list

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