Well, Kebabs!!! This term is enough to make me happy. Marufaz Daawat-E-Mughlai is organising the Kebab festival to celebrate "The Day of Love" in Kolkata. I have heard various positive reviews about this new, yet amazing Mughlai restaurant and it has been on my wish list since then. It is quite near to my college, yet I could not go there due to one reason or the other. Being invited for their Kebab festival made me pretty excited! 
The Non Vegetarian Kebab Platter

The festival started from 5th February and will continue till 20th February, 2016. The restaurant provides you with a wide array of succulent vegetarian and non vegetarian kebabs, the highlights being Quail Tandoor, Turkey Tandoor and the Emu Tandoor
Vegetarian Kebab Platter

I had a small chat with Mr. Ashif Shah, Owner of Marufaz Daawat-E-Mughlai, where he told me how he came up with the idea of the new tandoor dishes. As he said, one of his relatives from Hyderabad had acquainted him with the concept of Emu haleem and how popular the dish was in Hyderabad. So, Mr. Shah had made up his mind since then, that if he opens a restaurant, these new dishes are surely going to be there on the list. The festival is for people of all ages, but Mr. Shah has focused a bit on today's youth. "Today's youth, they look for fusion, they look for new innovative things and to attract the youth, we have started this festival", says Mr. Shah. 

As soon as we entered, a welcome drink was served to us. It was a pineapple cooler. I personally was not a fan of that, and I ordered for another strawberry cooler which was pretty nice. 
Now, comes the turn of the kebabs. We tasted various kebabs like Turkey Tandoor, Emu Tandoor, Prawn Tandoor, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, Mutton Kebab and the all time favourite Tangri Kebab. The food impressed me totally. The kebabs were gorgeous, properly marinated with perfect amount of spices and then cooked till perfection. I loved each of the kebabs, yet the Prawn Tandoor and the Turkey Tandoor had to be my favorite. After the starters, we were served some rice with Chicken Butter Masala and that was also pretty good. 
Emu Tandoor

Turkey Tandoor

Prawn Tandoor
Apart from these, they are also serving Chicken Cheese Kebab, Mutton Pyaare Kebab and Mushroom Moti Kebab among their specialties. Marufaz also has a great range of vegetarian kebab items. 
Chicken Cheese Kebab Pictures: Pinnacle Communiq

Mushroom Moti Kebab Picture: Pinnacle Communiq

Mutton Pyaare Kebab Picture: Pinnacle Communiq

Quail Tandoor Picture: Pinnacle Communiq 

How to go and when to go?

Marufaz is located on Diamond Harbour Road, Behala and it is just opposite to Ajanta Cinema. 
The festival is on till 20th February from noon till midnight.
Pocket Pinch: Rs. 800 plus taxes for two, quite affordable isn't it?

P.S: If you are looking for some last minute plans for Valentine's Day, this is the place to be!

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