Kolkata Food Journey 

On having the first glance of the poster, I was pretty sure that I am going to this event. The concept of this #KolkataFoodJourney sounded quite interesting to me and thus, I made up my mind that I must not miss this. So, basically #KolkataFoodJourney was the brainchild of two young ladies, Sulagna and Sukanya. Sulagna is the founder of The India Diaries and they are going to launch their website soon and Sukanya is the founder and blogger of  an amazing food blog, Entree to Dessert. The idea of this foodwalk was to explore the food culture in Kolkata and to unite the foodies.

We were supposed to meet near Vivekananda Park, where I could already see a group of foodies present as soon as I reached. We were greeted with some amazing chocolates from Chocotarian and had a small introductory session among ourselves. All of us were from different fields of professions, but one thing that united all of us was the love of food. So finally when everyone was there, we started our food journey. 

The first stop of our food journey was the Phuchka Stall near Vivekananda Park. Okay, there is no way that you can do a Kolkata Food Journey without including Phuchkas in the list. But it was pretty weird as the clock just struck 12 and I have never had Phuchkas before sunset! Though, I liked the idea to start this journey with phuckas, firstly because I wanted to try it in the morning and secondly because I love phuckas, so any time of the day would be just perfect for me.  
Phuchkas near Vivekananda Park

The Phuckas out there, I would not say that those were the best ones I had, but yes, I liked it a lot. The potato filling was made really nicely with the perfect balance of tanginess and spiciness. I did not indulge much in it as I knew that I need to keep my stomach empty for the rest of the journey. 

Our next stop was my favorite, Aminia!  When I was asked what I would like to have, my answer was, "I want a Mutton Biryani and some soft drinks to go with it". It was taking a bit of time for them to serve so many orders at a go, thus, in the meanwhile Sukanya and Sulagna conducted a quiz about Kolkata which was really very interesting. And soon, within a few minutes, in front of us were lying a plate full of Biryani! You know what's the best thing about a biryani? For me, it is the aroma which makes me indulge in it even more. The biryani here was delicious and I cherished every bit of it, though it turned a bit cold by the time I finished(okay, the quantity was a bit more for me, but it's fine). 
Mutton Biryani in Aminia, Golpark
What's that one thing that you must  never miss when you are in Aminia? Yes, that is a phirni. You may mark my words, that this is one of the best places to have a phirni in Kolkata. The mild sweet phirni marked the end of a perfect meal here in Aminia. 
Phirni in Aminia, Golpark

So what if we already had phirni, all of us had some space for more desserts! We headed to our ultimate destination of the day, Mrs Magpie Bistro in Kasba. Any sweet toothed dessert fanatic person is bound to have heard the name of this place! Cummon, you guys have seen and tasted those amazing cupcakes there, right? The best thing about this place is the beautiful interiors and you would just love to spend your time there. For the desserts, we had a fruit crumble and a tiramisu. The fruit crumble was a bit more tangy which I did not like so much. But the tiramisu was perfect with the complete balance of the sweetness, the flavor of the coffee and the creaminess.
Tiramisu and Fruit Crumble in Mrs Magpie Bistro

After relishing our desserts, we clicked a few group pictures just to capture those moments! :)
That crazy groupfie!!!

The common connection among us? Its food!! :)

And finally the picture with the organisers, Sulagna, Sukanya and Riya.. 
Hoping for more foodie meets to come up soon! 

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